Digital Live - Global Trade Event
Oct 28, 2020

About The Event


Hear from our partner Linda McKee from SAP on how they were able to meet challenges while operating their business and customer Kevin Riddell from Tremco on how they reduced compliance risks implementing KAI Product Classification in this informative event. During this event you will also hear from Karen on how to maximize your investment and optimize in Global Trade. 

Hear from technology & industry experts on current and future events and their effect on your business.

The Speakers
Linda McKee
SAP GTS Director - Solution Management, SAP
Kevin Riddell (Grey, Full Size)
Kevin Riddell
Director, Trade and Regulatory Compliance, Tremco
karen (Grey) 200x200
Karen Murphy
Vice President, Krypt
Dan Brown (Grey) 200x200
Dan Brown
SAP GTS Solution Architect, Krypt
Naresh (Grey) 200x200
Naresh Makhijani
Solution Director, Krypt
Mukesh Mahajan (Grey) 200x200
Mukesh Mahajan
Solution Director, Krypt
Arthur Kuznetsov (Grey) 200x200
Arthur Kuznetsov
Enterprise Account Executive, Krypt

Agenda (Time in EST)

Automate Customs Filings Using Broker Enablement in SAP GTS
Customs Filing causes many challenges for many businesses operating internationally. From visibility to broker communications, companies spend huge amounts of time and money managing this manual process. Find out how customers have used SAP GTS to automate their customs filing, streamline processes and reduce costs in this session.
How Krypt Artificial Intelligence helped Tremco in auditing product classification
Hear from our customer Kevin Riddell on how the Krypt Artificial Intelligence tool helped Tremco in auditing the existing product classification by finding anomalies in the manual classifications. Tune in to listen from our Solution Director of Global Trade, Mukesh Mahajan, how Krypt Artificial Intelligence tool can automate the product classification process, reduce mistakes, save costs & its integration with SAP GTS.
11.0 SPL Support Pack Enhancement
SAP GTS has enhanced the feature for running the Audit Report which allows the user to report results more efficiently. Management User Matrix can be gathered with the installation of SP16.
Three ways to Maximize Your SAP GTS Investment
You've purchased SAP GTS and made it part of your company processes, but are you getting the maximum ROI on your investment? Many people don't realize the vast capabilities available in SAP GTS and miss out on more savings. In this session you'll learn about three ways you can optimize your SAP GTS investment and maximize your ROI.

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